Month: January 2016


– your shoes
– your socks
– your shirt
– your shame
Sit down until everything dies.




Artist’s statement:

This piece was inspired by the nights that follow long days, by lazy Sundays when the idea of doing anything is deplorable, and by a certain amount of electronic device addiction. It was meant to capture the feeling of days when you feel so drained you can only watch as something else is drained of power.


Collect the thoughts running around your head

Organize them as best you can

Choose ones that you can stand by

Breath in




Pick up a pebble that reminds you of

your worst memory.

Leave it to rest near a window.

Mist generously all day until you

create a puddle.

Throw pebble outside.






“New Super BounceBall!! ™”


  • One (1) semi-regular spheroid with a mass of 23.888×1024 kg and volume of 4.326×1012 km.  Casual participants are allowed to substitute this spheroid with any one with sufficient volume that they can all play, but official tournaments must use a spheroid of the denoted proportions.  If the spheroid is not equipped with a regulation breathable atmosphere, participants must provide their own.
  • One (1) universe wherein corporeal sentient life is physically capable of existing for long enough to develop the cultural practice of play (batteries included).
  • One (1) self.


  1. Using one or more limbs each, all participants grip the spheroid.
  2. At a predetermined signal (ex. referee’s whistle), all participants shove the spheroid away from themselves as hard as they can.
  3. All participants then attempt to catch the spheroid as it falls back to them.  Points are then distributed thus:
    1. Catching the spheroid using the same combination of limbs with which you initially gripped it: 10 points.
    2. Catching the spheroid with a different combination of limbs: 12 points.
    3. Failing to catch the spheroid: Disqualification.
  4. Repeat unless one or more participant/s are declared the winner.



Artwork 1- Iteration 1

How to Fly

Get a #2 Wooden Pencil and a blank sheet of paper

Gently bite off the eraser end

Draw a self portrait without looking at a reflection

Fold the self portrait into a paper airplane

Throw it into the winds