Month: March 2016

Blue Team Red Team

this game takes place on a dormitory floor(but it can be applied to a whole building).

this game is very simple and has as a purpose to bring people meet each other. i suppose it could be qualified as an ice breaker.

bascally you take all the rooms and divide them.

one set of rooms will be red.

one set of rooms will be blue.

but  no one is told who its other team mates are.

to get an enemy out of the game, place a white piece of paper on his or her door at night(write what team they are on it). If they were your allies they will be out of the game as if they were your adversaries.

the goal of the game is to be the last team standing.


the inspiration for this game came by the fact that, i feel like most ice breakers are not really usefull or fun.

and by the fact that in second to fifth year student dormitories no one tries to meet or talk to each other.

Elevator Dinner: 1st iteration

Initial idea draft:

I would set a small table in the elevator at Curry, where I would act as the waiter. The table will only take up half the space, so students that do not wish to take part can still use it at will.

Those who do can sit down, where I would give them a menu of the food served in the Curry dining hall. I would bring them their food afterwards. I would then leave a check, but whether they just dine and dash is out of my control.

I suppose the main inspiration is my frustration that there’re never any open seats at the dining hall, and so why not just make my own? Also, since it’s a glass elevator, those outside can see into it, thus intervening the space without actually impeding anyone.

Snapchat Hide & Seek



Shortened version of rules/gameplay/description:

This game is a simple intervention of what the norms are on the 3rd and 4th floor in Snell.  As everybody knows, the top two floors of snell are kept quiet, people seldom really move around apart to go to the bathroom or to leave.


  • Any number of players can play this game (well 2+ players unless you want to play the game against yourself somehow)
  • Players must have each other on snapchat.
  • Boundaries must be designated before game begins
  • Players must post a video/photo on their snapchat story within 10 seconds of moving to another location.

Game starts with players scattered in different locations throughout the 3rd and 4th floor of Snell. From there on, players must try to find each other in the library and capture a photo of them in order to “tag” and eliminate them. Additionally, players must post their location every minute in order to promote more movement and excitement from players.

Extensive version of rules/gameplay/description:

This game has a few simple rules. First of all, all players of this game must have a snapchat account and must have all other players on snapchat too.
This game takes place inside of a library, preferrably, the quiet sections of the library. The whole point of this game is to intervene and disrupt the social norms of the quiet sections of the library. For the instance that I got to play, we had four players playing on the third floor of snell.

At the start of the game, all players must begin at one common point and will disperse to their “hiding locations” within a minute. (It is important to make note that gameplay could be easier if there is a seperate group chat with all game players so that there is some sort of communication that may go on. For the time that I played, we had a seperate chat where one player would remind all other players of the rules and also call out any official decisions.)

After the minute is over, all players must post a story (could be a photo or video) of their current location. By having a clue of where each player is every minute, it adds to the element of trying to find other players and eliminating them from the game. A player is “eliminated” from the game when they are captured on another persons story.
The concept of this game is relatively simple and is easily to follow along. I took inspiration from the group that we saw on youtube in class who did a real city sized pacman game. An additional inspiration or influence I had for this would be Yoko Ono. A lot of her art/games heavily relies on audience participation and this game is no different. This game actually cannot be played without any of the participants.
What is interesting about this game is the documentation. The documentation that I gathered are just snapshots of what was happening during the game. Because players were only told to post a story every minute, the documentation is rather boring and plain, but it is cool to know that everybody was most likely moving around between each minute to move to a different location .

Documentation (various photos from the stories)
IMG_0099 IMG_0101 IMG_0109 IMG_0103 IMG_0108 IMG_0107 IMG_0106 IMG_0110 IMG_0098 IMG_0097 IMG_0100 IMG_0102 IMG_0104 IMG_0111


Anderson 2016

Basically my plan is to stand either in one of the schools quads or alongside huntington ave. and promote myself as a Presidential candidate. I haven’t decided how I’m going to do this yet, but I’ll have finalized it by wednesday.


Set up signs at various locations indicating that the locations and nearby objects are being closed for repairs.  The key to this is that the “closed” places and objects are not places that never actually close down. The subjects would be small specific areas- for example, a 4 by 4 section of grass with a sign saying “Grass Closed for Repairs.”

The goal is to make people aware of their environment by taking parts of it away from them.

Hula Battle

Materials: 2 Hula Hoops and two people

Walk up to a random stranger and challenge them to a hula hoop challenge. See who can hula longer.




Artwork 3 Intervention

Church of Smart


Draft the church of smart leaflet.

Find  busy area and advertise church of smart and hand out pamphlets for church of smart.

The church of smart pamphlet has hand dandy tips on every day things to make life easier.


People will often avoid people handing out religious paraphernalia, so this plays with that but actually gives out information most people might consider useful.

Arwork #3: Intervene: Internet Hugs

The game:

  1. Pick a major Subreddit
  2. Find someone who’s posting hateful things
  3. Wish them well


Album of Selected Excerpts

  • Most were ignored.
  • A few received 1-2 upvotes.
  • A few more received downvotes.
  • Some parent comments were deleted.

I got three responses from Original Posters so far – the first two were both from people whose original comments were heavily downvoted. They both told me about their day and asked me about mine. The third was a post buried down in the bottom of a thread and just said “Pretty well so far, thanks!”

In true reddit fashion, someone else responded for OP in one instance: “I think he’s just having a ball!”
You can view all of them (and the greater context for them / the posts / etc) from the user page of the account I set up for this project.

(If you click “context” you can see the parent comments in the given thread)
Artist’s statement:

This work was loosely inspired by the subtle intervention of Keith Haring’s subway murals: I wanted to bring some positivity to people’s lives without interacting with them face-to-face and without inconveniencing them in any way.

I also drew some inspiration from various movements that have cropped up on the internet from time to time: I’ve seen posts in the last 5-10 years that people have put up sharing sticky notes with positive messages left in random places, like the mirror in public restrooms. Some of these messages reminded people that they are strong or resilient or that they matter. I wanted random internet strangers to get some sense that they are cared about and that even if they’re just an anonymous collection of text postings, someone is paying attention to them and they’re not just a digital face in a sea of digital faces. Particularly in the cases of people saying hateful things about other people or groups of people, I wanted them to consider humanity and human connection, even if only for a quick second.

The minimalist set of instructions for the game were inspired by the scores found in Yoko Ono’s Grapefruit.

Taxi Conversation

Get in a taxi cab and don’t get out until you have a had a conversation with the driver. People today are sucked in to their phones or more concerned about where they’re going that they don’t pay attention to what is around them on the way there.


In my intervention I plan to act as a doorman. I will stand by a door for X hours (haven’t really decided yet), and when someone comes by hold the door open for them. It’s a very simple concept, but I feel it will have an interesting impact in todays society (especially at places that never would have had a doorman). Many people just sneak in through doors, ignoring the people behind them, too engrossed in their phones and their own lives.

Another side of it that I would like to explore is the Social Justice/ Radical Feminist side of the situation. By this I mean the people who think holding open a door is a sign of the “disgusting patriarchy” we live in. (I am a feminist myself, but anyone who thinks holding a door open is sexist is just impolite. And if you do feel that way keep it to yourself don’t scream at someone because they tried to help you.). But I digress, I want to see if I get any outbursts if all I’m doing is opening the door, and not going in myself.