Rock Paper Scissors (Artwork 4 second iteration)

by | Apr 11, 2016 | Uncategorized

This game is based on the simplest but most classic game in the world: rock paper scissors.


  • 6 players
  • 9 cards for each player (3 rock cards, 3 paper cards and 3 scissors cards.)
  • coins



  • The game will take 30 minutes.
  • Before the game starts, all the players need to borrow 1 to 30 coins(or points) as the counters from the host. The coins(or points) you have in hand at the end of the game will be the price you win. However, 10% of interests need to by paid back to the host.
  • When the game starts, you are free to find one opponent to play rock paper scissors with.
  •  Screenshot (7)
  • You can bet any numbers of coins. Winner will gain all the coins and the loser will lose all the coins he/she bet.
  • You can play more rounds of rock paper scissors unless one of the players loses all the coins. The one loses all the coins will be obsoleted immediately.
  • The card been used will be abandoned.
  • Win: Coins in hand>(coins borrowed + interests), all the cards have been used up.
  • Lose: Coins in hand<(coins borrowed+ interests), cards have not been used up, or lost all the coins.
  • The amount of each type of cards will be recorded and shown.
  • You are free to do “trades” during the game but you cannot abandon unused cards.