Non-Sense Playtest iteration

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2 players are playing “Reversi”, with additional rules:

About Reversi:


  • Each turn when a player finishes putting down the piece, name a sense/part of a body, from now on the opponent cannot use the part the player named. For example,  eyes, nose, ears, leg, arm, mouth…as long as it makes sense to you and audiences. (Also only one part could be named each time, which means, for instance  instead of saying vision, you can only name  either left eye or right eye each time.)
  • When the player was unable to play, and only when he/she admitted that,  skip that player’s turn, and resets both players’ “state”.
  • The “disable rule” only applies to the player when the piece touches player’s body.

Iteration process:



The initial idea was two players playing  tic-tac-toe, a lot simpler than the final version playing reversi, but during the playtest the game ends quickly although there are some funny moments occurred during the gameplay. So I think playing a game with a little bit more complexity plus the rules added above would be doable.

During the playtest it seems when playing tic-tac-toe with these rules, occasionally players have to find the way to hold the pen, I found it very interesting and added the rule ” The “disable rule” only applies to the player when the piece touches player’s body.” to adapt the mechanic to the new version, it also gives people chances to play around with it.