Fool the hangman the first Iteration.

by | Oct 12, 2017 | Artwork #2: Appropriate

Need two or more players to play

  1. One player will think of a word and represent it as a row of dashes. Let’s call this person the hangman or the drawing player.
  2. Other players need to guess the what the word is by suggesting letters, but when these players have guessed the word they don’t speak out the word, since they want to fool the hangman in this game. Let’s call these players guessing players.
  3. When guessing players suggest the correct letter, the drawing players should write it on correct position.
  4. When guessing players suggest the wrong letter, the drawing player draw one element of a man stickfigure.
  5. Once drawing player finish the body of the stickfigure, the game is not over. Instead of executing the stickfigure, guessing player can still guess the word. At this time, if guessing player suggest the wrong letter, they can ask drawing player to draw an element of body to decorate the stick figure. Guessing players cannot ask drawing player to draw multiple repeated parts, like to draw a boots on the sneakers.
  6. The game will be ended when: 1) The drawing player does not match the description from guessing players. The drawing player loses and asks to tells the truth answer. 2) The drawing player can give up when he feels like everyone knows the word (being “fooled” by everyone). Then he will ask or tell the true answer.