Indie Game: Hollowknight

by | Nov 10, 2019 | Class Activities, Show & Tell

Hollowknight has quickly become one of my all time favorite games. I love it so much that I’ve been trying to 100% complete it. I’m almost there at 90%. Some of the reasons I love Hollowknight is because of its characters and music. The characters all have individual personalities and the music is absolutely beautiful.

One moment in the game that sold me was when you have to defeat the Mantis Tribe. Usually in the game, all the characters are fighting to survive. When you fight the Mantis Lords, however, you fight for honor.  When you enter the mantis territory, you are immediately hit with a bunch of enemies. Getting through all these enemies is a really tough battle. Eventually you reach the Mantis Lords, which are three times as tough. Whenever they defeat you, you have to fight through the entire tribe again in order to have a rematch.

The Mantis Lords are my favorite boss. Unlike other bosses, who start attacking you once you enter the arena, the Mantis Lords wait you to you challenge them. Not only is their battle theme intense, I love what happens after you beat them. Once you beat them and the battle ends, you don’t end up killing them. Instead, the Mantis Lords stand up and bow to you. After this battle, the rest of the mantis tribe also bows to you whenever you approach them and become passive characters. The tribe also rewards you with gifts for gaining their respect.