Show and Tell – Amaël de Betak

by | Nov 18, 2019 | Show & Tell

The game I chose for Show and Tell was Hollow Knight.

This choice was very simple for me to make as this was one of the only Indie games I got stuck into due to its beautiful old-school cartoon style, ambient music, and passive storytelling. The gameplay of the game itself is also something that kept me going as everything felt extremely fleshed out and smooth, giving it a quality even higher than that which can be seen in big studio games. The fact that all the DLC also come included in the game is incredible as it only costs 15 euros.

The extract which I chose to present was the descent into the abyss, which I thought was one of the most breathtaking moments in the story where the player truly understands their meaninglessness in the world’s story as they come across a large pile of corpses all resembling very closely the main character.