My life

by | Oct 15, 2021 | Artwork #1: Score

Get a piece of paper

Get some crayons

Use one color to represent the mood of one day

Draw anything thing I like

Make sure draw on the same paper

Draw for a week

In “Grapefruit “, there are many pieces about painting. Yoko Ono tried to paint room, shadows or other things. My inspiration is color. I think people’s lives are colorful, blue is blue, happy is orange, irritable is red. Every day has its own color. Also, there are many songs use color to represent their mood. For example, there is a lyric talk about it in Taylor Swift’s cruel summer, which is “It’s blue, the feeling I’ve got”. School days may be boring, but they are definitely not colorless. From the color in my works, I can see my daily mood. The red part indicates that I must have had a bad day. Every day something affects my mood. I want to document my life in color, to prove that my life is not black and white. In order not to feel like a zombie during a Novel Coronavirus pandemic, it is important to keep track of your feelings. As a student, it’s easy to tell the difference between a school day and a weekend. From Monday to Friday. I feel like “my life sucks,” but then on the weekend it instantly becomes “love & peace.” The result is messy, but it’s also organized. The proportion of each color is about the same, and there will not be a picture of one color. T his is my life, too, and it doesn’t seem organized, but the proportions are just right. Drawing is really an amazing thing, and the colors are the same. People can do anything with drawing and use color to express any emotion they want to express. I think that’s what makes this assignment interesting.