by | Oct 15, 2021 | Artwork #1: Score

Find a nearby florist.

Purchase a plant and take it home.
Cherish the plant. Water it regularly for 2 weeks. It must not dry and it must not drown.
After 2 weeks, take a pair of scissors.
Cut the plant into the smallest pieces possible.
Put the pieces in a toilet bowl.
-Andrew Coeytaux
Artist’s Reflection:

This piece was inspired by Yoko Ono’s short scores found in her book “Grapefruit”. I wrote it so that it would follow a similar approach of providing minimal information all while producing a stronger impact on the “player”. By giving less information and focusing on communicating only the essence of the activity, it becomes more open to player interpretation, thereby providing each individual with a unique and more fulfilling experience that they can reflect upon more meaningfully afterwards.

This score seeks to have its audience reflect on the roads not taken in life, as well as those that end abruptly. Sometimes one invests time and effort into an objective, only for their progress to suddenly end. Plans more often than not don’t work out as expected, and opportunities can be wasted, as shown by the rather on-the-nose act of flushing something down the toilet.

The idea for this piece came to me through personal experiences of unexpected turns in life, especially in the transitional period that is college. I decided on plants to be the center of the score, as the fact that they are living and have a progressive growth makes the one like they are cutting something short when they put an end to the plant’s life. Flushing the plant’s remains down a toilet also induces guilt because of the dishonor it represents for the organic being. One is more accustomed to a plant’s remains ending up in the earth (similar to human remains) rather than in a sewer.