Andrew Coeytaux Appropriation Project

by | Oct 24, 2021 | Artwork #2: Appropriate

Keyboard Mixer

Players stand around in a circle, one whispers to the next something in Pig Latin, the next person hears and repeats in English, this alternates until we reach the last person in the circle. The last person should match the first person’s words.


Players progress through levels, in which they are given a word/sentence to type on the screen. They pass onto the next level by typing something that matches with the letters displayed. They cannot delete any characters and end with their current level score if they type any wrong letter.

The catch is that every level, two letters on the keyboard are switched, such as “o” and “l”. Then, the player needs to type an “o” in order for an “l” to show up and vice versa. Every level, another two letters are added to the set of switched pairs that the player has to keep track of.

This game can be played with any number of players, and the one who reaches the highest level wins.


For my second iteration, I mainly focused on streamlining the user experience so that players could interact with the game more fluidly, all while adding a few features that would provide more options for the sentences to be typed.


Artist Statement: I was inspired by “White Chess” by Yoko Ono. Though we originally looked at it in our Fluxus unit, I thought that it was also an excellent inspiration for a Dadaist piece, as it appropriates an already-existing game and turns it into something new. In order to make my game, I followed a similar process of modifying an element that the player takes for granted. In “White Chess”, that element is the assumption that players will be able to distinguish between black and white, and in my game it is the assumption that a key types the letter that is written on it. By creating limitations and elements of surprise, even every-day objects such as a keyboard that we normally take for granted can be transformed into an element of play.