Artwork 3: Intervene

by | Nov 11, 2021 | Artwork #3: Intervene

In this assignment, I chose to intervene in the Dead by Daylight. Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer game. The player can choose to play as a human or as a killer. The human player needs to fix five motors and open the gate to escape. And the killer needs to stop them from fixing the motor and kill them. My intervention was to do something completely unrelated to the character. Humans are supposed to avoid killers, but I try to find them and taunt them to see how they react. I’ve tried many times, but basically the killer takes me down as soon as he sees me. After many attempts I finally met a killer who would knock me down without meeting me. I crouched in front of him and pointed at him. He didn’t kill me. He just looked at me and spun around. In the end he knocked me down and hung me on a hook. My actions also saved the life of a teammate. My teammate ran out while I was interacting with the killer. After seeing the killer’s reaction I decided to play as a killer and see the human reaction. What happens when killers stop killing people.I don’t use a knife when I see a human player. I just watch them. The human players would run away at first, but once they knew I had no intention of knocking them down, they started interacting with me. It’s better to see how other players react when playing as killers than when playing as humans.I gave the human player two knives at the end, but I let them go. I think this interaction is interesting, because the relationship between human and killer is completely different with my intervention. My inspriation comes from Stanford prison experiment. In this experiment, everyone is doing something relevant to their identity. The authorities in prison exert pressure on the people in custody, and the people in custody suffer in silence. My idea is completely different from this experiment. I wanted to see how people react when they do things that are completely contrary to who they are. The identities of the killers and escapees in this game are like those of the prison guards and prisoners in the experiment.It’s like a prison cop who never punishes a prisoner again.I wonder if the relationship between the two will change.