Andrew Coeytaux Intervention

by | Nov 12, 2021 | Artwork #3: Intervene

For my intervention project, I was inspired by The Institute and how the Jejune Institute game brought strangers out of their comfort zones and had them connect with one another in nonconventional ways. I decided to have my intervention take place in a classroom setting and center it around it around cell phones. Since cell phones are simultaneously synonymous with both connection and disconnection, I thought it would be interesting to use them as the point of interest for the theme I wanted to explore. For the first iteration of my intervention, I had participants exchange phones with one another for 30-60 minutes. The idea was to have people live in one another’s shoes, as cell phones have evolved and become so ubiquitous that they are an extension of their users. Participants would put their cell phone on vibrate when giving it to a partner, so that people could experience their classmates’ notifications. Hardly anyone in the class participated, and half of those who did only accepted to part with their phones for 15 minutes at most. For this reason, I feel that the intervention was an extreme success.

I designed the second iteration of my intervention so that people wouldn’t have to part with their phone. Instead, this time they would turn their notifications on so that the class could hear. The idea was for participants to be made aware of how many digital connections tie us to the outside world at all times and the constant bombardment of information we receive even when in a closed setting such as a classroom. This iteration was unsuccessful, as the amount of notifications that went off during the intervention was underwhelming.