Meditation or NOT

by | Nov 8, 2022 | Artwork #3: Intervene


Throughout the development of technology and information dissemination, it is easily for people to receive the latest news on their digital devices. However, those fragmented information also cause some anxiety and stress to the viewers. Meditation is one of the useful ways to help people release the pressure. There are two main advantages that meditation brought:

  • Wipe away the day’s stress, bringing with it iner space.
  • Help restore your calm and inner space.

Also, the mechanics of the game was inspired by Pac Manhanttan, which is that one designated player is trying to catch or interrupt the other players, while players have to elude that player to achieve the goal.


In the game, there will be:

  • n Mediataors, 1 Interruptor
  • A 15 minutes meditation audio will be played. After it is finished, the game ended.
  • Meditators should close their eyes and follow the instruction until the game ended.
  • Interruptor is going to interupt meditators by talking around them. (NO touching or pushing)
  • If the meditator laughs or speaks or opens their eyes during the game, they are knock out.

Gameplay process

We played this game in my friend’s house. In the game, there were 5 meditators and 1 interruptor. The interruptor was really good at interrupting. He knocked 2 players out at the very beginning of the game, even though at that moment he was trying to interrupt another player. The player he was trying very hard to interrupt insisted to the end, which is the only meditator who won the game.