Artwork #4 Experience Final Draft: You are wealthy

Artist Statement:
The Avant-garde Video Games book by Brian Schrank has showed us that artists use different strategies to accomplish their goals, and Brian Schrank points out that the core value of avant-garde game is the main idea and perspective. Throughout the course, I have learned a lot about the art of games. I have learned that game designing is not only focusing on the playing experience, but also it is a way for author to deliver messages. Therefore, I decide to create a board game that deliver my message. I find that modern people are following the mainstream of materialism and focus on money more than anything else. People do not realize what they have right now is considered wealthy. The message I want to express through the game is to appreciate with what we have right now and help people to understand that a healthy, well functioned body is our best wealth.
I have used the knowledge of Appropriation and the inspiration from Dada, which is using existing games for a different purpose in my creation. I used two existed games called Desktop Basketball and Finger Soccer as mini-games in my creation to emphasize the importance of our health. Also, I have used the readings of happening art and the Yoko Ono’s work in Grapefruit as a part of my creation inspiration. The idea of happening have led me to think about what we see in our normal life, so I thought about the materialism phenomenon in modern society which helped me to further develop my game.
Preparation: 4 players and 1 dealer, Desktop Basketball, Finger Soccer, earplugs, and cards.
Goal: Make 1 million dollars ($1,000,000)
1. Rock, paper, scissors to decide who to start and the winner decides the turn will go clock-wise or counter clock-wise.
2. The first person will take an offer card from a shuffled deck given by the dealer.
Offer Cards include (Player will get the amount of money from the dealer):
  • $50,000 for your one of your arm. (Selling it will cause disadvantage in the mini-games later.)
  • $50,000 for your one of your leg. (Selling it will cause disadvantage in the mini-games later.)
  • 200,000 for your ears (You can not hear people after you sell it, and cover up your ears with earplugs.)
  • $200,000 for your mouth (You can not speak after you sell it.)
  • $800,000 for your eyes (Have to close your eyes after you take the deal.)

The player will choose to either take the deal or give up this round. Then, put the offer card back to the deck, shuffle it, move to next person, and repeat the process.

3. After all 4 players had their round to draw the offer card. Each  player will draw a mini-game card from the shuffled deck. Each player will choose to play the mini-game or give up the mini-game chance and move on to the next player.

Mini-Games cards include:

  • Desktop Basketball with Dealer.
  • Desktop Basketball with Any player you choose. (The player that has been chosen cannot refuse to play)
  • Finger Soccer with Dealer.
  • Finger Soccer with Any player you choose. (The player that has been chosen cannot refuse to play)

If the player decide to play the mini-game, he will first bet any amount of money that he has. He will get double of the amount he bet if he wins the mini-game, and he will lose the amount of the bet if he lose.

Rules for Mini-Games:

  • Desktop Basketball
    1. The player that makes first shot will win, start with the player that draws the mini-game card. If no one makes shot within their shot chances, then no one will receive money and move on to next player.
    2. If the player did not sell any of his arm, he will have 5 shots chance.
    3. If the player sold one of his arm, he will have 3 shots chance.
    4.  If the player sold both of his arm, he will have 1 shot chance.
  • Finger Soccer
    1. The player that makes first shot will win. If no one makes shot in 60 seconds, then no one will receive money and move on to next player.
    2. If the player did not sell any of his leg, he will have 2 fingers to play the Finger Soccer.
    3. If the player sold of his leg, he will have only 1 finger to play the Finger Soccer.
    4. If the player sold both of his leg, he cannot participate in the Finger Soccer.
  • For playing with dealer, dealer will give the amount of betting money to that player from the bank if the player wins, and player will give the betting money to the bank if the player loses.
  • For playing with another player, player 1 will give the betting amount of money to player 2 if player 2 wins the game, and player 2 will give the betting amount of money to player 1 if player 1 wins the game.

4. After all 4 players had their round to draw the Mini-game card, we will repeat the process 2 and 3. The game will stop whenever someone has 1 million dollars on his hand.

Artwork #3 Intervene: Drive through the Battlefield

Drive through the Battlefield


Artist Statement:

First of all, I was targeting to use a digital game for the intervene, so I choose to use the game that is pretty popular recently, PUBG, The Player’s Unknown Battleground.

Originally, PUBG is a game that requires the players to find weapons to eliminate any other player who is not on the team. After you eliminate all the other players, you win the match, and the symbolic term will appear “Winner winner, Chicken dinner.”

In order to intervene in this game, my team will just intervene the game by ourselves, because it is pretty hard to communicate with other team and let other team members to intervene.

Instead of playing PUBG as a shooting and survival games, we decide to make it a driving and drifting game, so we will not use weapon to kill other players but drive through the battlefield and try to keep ourselves alive.

After this experience, my team felt another type of fun and comment that they felt like they are playing temple run in PUBG. This intervene has changed the original experience of team survival competition into something like a drifting showcase at the end.


Indie Game

Dead light

This is a Action & Puzzle game published in 2012. DEADLIGHT shows a story follows the journey of Randall Wayne, a man searching for his family across the disaster. The story takes the background of  Seattle during the aftermath of a 1980s event that has vanished most life on earth. Most people turned into zombies, and will attack you. This game will challenge you to run, jump, climb, and struggle for your life as you look for the truth of this disaster and your family.

In the game you have to find your way to the next stage, and make sure you will survive from the zombie attack. Since the player can barely fight, so he have to use some interaction with the background tools to kill the zombies, or you can use the weapon you picked up to kill the zombies, or you can just run. The game will end when you lose all your three lives. In the meantime, you have to collect all the journals that has been located in different places, so you can find out the truth behind the doom and find the hint to find your family.



This game is a 2D game with some mix with 3D scene. To me, I think it looks more like an art than a game. Because this game can show me a idea of the end of the world.



Art Work #2 Appropriation: Dice Hold’em Final Draft

Dice Hold’em



Get at least 2 players.



Dice (5 Dice for each player)

Poker Chips (10 Chips for each player)

Dice Cups (1 Dice Cup for each player)

(This Black cup is called Dice Cup)


Winning Condition (Goals):

Eliminate the other player by win over all the poker chips.


Losing Condition:

Lost all the poker chips.


Number Ranking:



(Based on the Number Ranking, the following rules applied.)


Dice Ranking (From the Biggest to the Smallest)


  1. Five of the Kind (Five dice are the same number)

2. Four of the Kind (Four dice are the same number)

3. Full House (Three dice are the same number with one pair)

4. Three of the kind (Three dice are the same number)

5. Two Pairs (Two pairs in the five dice)

6.One Pair (One pair in the five dice)

7. No Pair (Five numbers are all different)



Situation when it is draw:

If two players both got same Rank of Dice Combination, compare with the Number Ranking to figure out the winner.

If two players both got same Rank of Dice Combination and the same Number Ranking, then it is draw.



  1. Give each player 5 dice, 1 dice cup, and 10 poker chips.
  2. All the players put the dice inside the dice cup and shake it.
  3. Now, nobody knows what is the result in their dice cup, and choose an action from: Fold(Give up) or Pay the Blinds(Blinds: Short for “blind bets,” these are the forced bets made before a player look at his or her own dice. The blind bet is one poker chip.)
  4. After pay the blind bet, the blind bet are collected on the table. Players who paid the blind bet are allowed to look at their own dice.
  5. Now, players know the result in their dice cup, and they have to choose an action from: Check (Not Betting), Fold (Give up), or Raise (Betting any amount)
  6. If all the players choose Check (Not Betting), then they will open their dice cup and compare their dice with the Dice Ranking and Number Ranking. The player with the biggest dice combination will take all the betting chips on the table.
  7. If a player choose to raise(Let’s say he is betting 2 poker chips), that will leave other players with following options: Call (Betting 2 poker chips as well), Raise (Betting more than 2 poker chips), or Fold (Give up).
  8. When all the players choose to Call, first put all the betting chips on the table, and open their dice cup to compare. The player with the biggest dice combination will take all the betting chips on the table. (If a player choose to Raise after another player Raise, go back to step 7.)



This Game is called Dice Hold’em. It combined the randomness of the game Dice, and the technics in the Texas Hold’em. It changed the game of dice to a gambling game that needs players’ technics and further consideration. For example, when a player choose to raise, other player/players have to figure out if he is bluffing. In this case, Dice Hold’em is using the rule of Texas Hold’em to change the origin of the Dice game.

Artist Statement:

After looking at Dada’s artwork, I realized that Dada is mostly a art form that is created based on multiple cultures. The game Dice is usually popular in Eastern culture(Especially in China), and the game Texas Hold’em is mostly popular in the Western culture(Especially in U.S.) Also, Dada has the spirit of freedom of creating. Therefore, I decide to combine those two games into a new type of game—Dice Hold’em.

Appropriation: Song and Sound Remix

The Author is called Daniel Kim, he has remixed all of the popular songs throughout the year into a 7-8 minutes song, and he called his work collection as “Pop Danthology”. Another cool sound remix is using the sounds from airplane to produce a remix song with a hype music.

There’s the link for the Daniel Kim’s work collection.


Here is the Sound remix for the Airplane.

Artwork #1 Score: Mind Switch Final Draft

Mind Switch

  1. Prepare at least 2 phones (1 for commander, 1 for receiver) and at least 1 hidden earphones (for receiver only). The total number of equipment depends on the number of players, Maximum 4 player for each game.
  2. There will be only 1 commander in each round, every commander has the ability to give orders to receivers, and commander will have 10-minute of control rights. Time will start to count when all the receivers arrive at their assigned location. After the 10-minutes limit, the next commander will take over.
  3. Ask all the players to roll a dice, the order of commanding rights will be selected base on the results. (The player with greatest dice result will be the first commander, the player with second greatest dice result will be the second commander, etc.)
  4. Make sure the commander and receiver/receivers have their phone, and all the receivers have their earphone activated.
  5. Commander will first select a location, and receiver will go to the assigned location.
  6. If there are more than 1 receiver, commander can ask different receivers to go to same or different locations, and the commander has the ability to choose to either let them do separate actions or interactions.
  7. Commander will to give orders to the receivers, and receiver/receivers have to follow the command and make sure other non-players are not aware it is a game.
  8. Some examples for the action can be like sit down with a random group of people and join the conversation, or ask a convenience store owner to sell him a car, etc.
  9. The game will be ended after all the commanders played their round.

Art Statement:
The idea is inspired by the readings of happening art and the Yoko Ono’s work in Grapefruit. Based on the everyday happening art, I think it does not have to be something we see every day, but it also could be something that we feel every day. Thus, I think the social interaction is another type of everyday happening. After I look at some Yoko Ono’s scores, I tried to keep my words not only simple but also meaningful. Originally, I called this game “Mind Control” because it is easy to understand, but later I think I have to help people to understand more about the meaning of this game. At Last, I changed the name of game to “Mind Switch,” because I think those two words can best describe the score and the meaning of this game. Furthermore, another inspiration is from my friend. We had a conversation about the difficulty of expanding social networks, and people should have a better understanding of each other. People in nowadays are always judging others, but most of them just judging others by limited information, such as first impression, daily actions, etc. Later, he said it is hard to imagine that people can think as others. Therefore, this game was mainly designed to let people understand each other by putting us in other’s shoe, and help people to break the ice with strangers. Feel the way they feel, know the way they know. One of the major score in this game is about the limited control ability and unpredictable randomness. Because when you are the commander and you may give orders to receivers, and receivers may feel that the orders you give are full of randomness since they do not know what you are thinking. Also, you might feel the same way when you are being commanded. Therefore, the randomness is another element of this game. 

Finally, I hope this game can help me to deliver the message that people should know more about others. I hope that I can provide some inspiration to the players, and I hope people can have a little better understanding about themselves, strangers, and this society after this game.