Final Scores

by | Jan 30, 2015 | Artwork #1: Score, Projects


Final Score:

Enacting the Inevitable:

Find a surface in your home that is filthy,

Clean it,

Do a daily activity on it that makes it filthy again.


Find a surface in your home that is filthy,


Clean it,

(The cleaned surface)


Do a daily activity on it that makes it filthy again.


Artist’s Statement:

I drew inspiration from my daily activities and wanted the participant to be a bit more conscious about what they are actually doing during their daily routine, as it is quite easy to just be going through the motions without thinking about it.  I believe that by understanding their routine they’ll gain a better understanding of themselves, and that understanding generally leads to making better, more informed decisions in their life.  In the words of Plato: “The first and best victory is to conquer self.”

Additional Scores:

Naught but react:

Wait for a snowstorm that shuts down your university,

Find a dining hall that will be open while other eating establishments are closed, preferably using the internet to find the information,

Walk there through the cold, observing the other people going places as well,

Once you get there, be disappointed with the available food in said dining hall,

Eat some mediocre food and go back home.


Look at the class syllabus, see that it describes the first assignment as being a single score,

Write a single score and post it on the class blog,

Look at your class mates’ posts, observe that they have two scores,

Wonder if you missed something,

Quickly write a second score just to be safe.