Snowman Jenga

by | Jan 30, 2015 | Uncategorized

Take your friends outside to build a snowman. Note- make sure the man has a bottom, middle, and a head.

Make sure to give the snowman a big, happy smile.

Pour cherry snow cone syrup onto the snowman.

With a large spoon, try to eat the snowman from the middle and bottom, without letting his head fall to the ground.

Whoever takes the bite that causes the head to fall is the loser.


Place a hat on the snowman’s head, and play not until the head falls but until the hat falls. In this version, you may eat the head.

If there is no snow with which to make a snowman, you may either:

  • Purchase a snow cone machine and make cherry snow cones for your friends
  • Make a mud man. Do not eat him.