Daze Final

by | Feb 6, 2015 | Artwork #1: Score

Take one large mirror.

Smash it into small pieces.

Set the vase in interesting positions

Admire from every angle.


Documentation of Final Test:

Artist Statement:

I first got the idea for using a broken mirror after learning about Duchamp’s smashed glasswork pieces.  I loved the idea of the randomness of the breaks in the glass and wanted to emulate it.  I used the mirror because I like the reflective qualities and felt like I’d be making a highly simplistic disco ball.


Score Testing

I tested the original draft of my score with a friend.  I had her read the score and follow its instructions.  The test went as planned until she proceeded to take the vase containing the mirror shards and move it around the room to see how its surroundings changed the reflections.  She also walked around the vase once it was set down.  Her actions caused me to change the score slightly to make it a little more explicitly worded, but ultimately, in my opinion, far more satisfying to perform.