Indiecade Lethal League

by | Feb 10, 2015 | Show & Tell

I chose Lethal League.

It’s a game:


Lethal League is a 2D fighting game  that utilizes very few moves and makes combat very simple.  I generally dislike fighting games, but Lethal League was a pleasant surprise.  The game is played essentially like tennis.  Each player is able to hit a ball that is in the stage with a held item.  Once a player hits the ball, it travels in a straight line and bounces off of the walls of the arena.  Each hit on the ball makes it move faster.  The round ends when the ball collides with a player.


I enjoyed playing Lethal League because it is very different from most fighting games.  There are no complicated button combinations or health gauges to worry about.  The player simply has to worry about hitting and avoiding being hit by the ball.  The game is very reminiscent of some boss battles in the Legend Of Zelda series and the mechanic of both players needing to react quickly works very well in the scenario of the game.  The game gets more challenging when the players aim the ball in different directions.  The quick play times of each round make the game enjoyable for long periods of time.