Iteration #1: Final – Too Many Mikes (title pending)

by | Apr 7, 2015 | Artwork #4: Experience, Projects

My game is a resource management card game, focusing on the social dynamics of a D&D group and their play. The mechanics focus on playing Event Cards (things such as “Critical Hit!” or “Unnecessarily Kill the Quest Giver!”) which alter the players’ Engagement, Joy, and Calmness–expressed as stress tracks–to help them gain victory points. Forming Bonds of friendship or… foeship (?) with other players lets your actions impact them, for good or ill, and help advance the game; and yes, “frienemies” are a thing.

The resource tracker is posted below, as well as guidelines for creating cards. I’ll be making a total of 45 cards, and the game will accommodate 3-5 players. While it may seem cooperative due to the Bonds, the game is still competitive.

The title comes from my old D&D 3.5 group, which inspired this game’s interactions through a very negative experience two years ago. There were 3 Michael’s in the group, so Tiki used to joke that there were, “Too many Mike’s, not enough MC’s!” (from “too many MC’s, not enough mics.”

Tiki’s cool. One of the other Mikes? Not so much.


Game Idea-Too Many Mikes