Cop Training Simulator 2K15

by | Apr 21, 2015 | Uncategorized

Jeff Feinberg

Tyler Kaminsky

Cop Training Simulator 2K15 is a parody target gallery game in which the player must shoot at targets that spring up from behind a wall.  When the player shoots a target with a white character on it, they lose points.  If the player shoots a target with a black character on it, points are rewarded to the player.  We chose to do this to essentially make a game commentary on the actions of many police officers in the country’s recent history.

Originally, we had an ammo limit in the game, but we took that out in an attempt to mirror situations in which people are shot multiple times by police.

The game has two end states.  The player wins when all black targets are shot and loses if all white targets are shot.  Upon shooting a black target, the player is praised, but shooting white targets is met with a stern finger wag.