Shape The Darkness

by | Jan 25, 2016 | Artwork #1: Score

Material: clay

-Have a piece of fist-size clay in your hands.

-Imagine an animal/vehicle/leaf/bottle/whatever.

-Shape the clay into the thing you are imagining with eyes closed.

-Ask a friend to touch and guess what the thing you’ve made is with his eyes closed.

-Restore the clay into its original shape with your eyes closed.

-Make sure none of you could see the object during the whole process.



Documentation of Score Assignment

This material was chosen randomly from all the stuffs on my friend’s desk and I think clay is one of the things that people can easily inject creativity and inspiration into them.

“There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people’s eyes.” That is, anyone may have his or her unique thought on an object. Even when you think it is the only way to understand something, there is still posibility that other people don’t agree with you. People only believe in what they thought the things are instead of what the things actually are. Or maybe for most of the time we cannot find out the “truth”. This point is perfectly shown in this game that, imagining is the only way to shape and figure out the what the object is when you lose your visual sense. The whole game only exists in our minds and the result, whether or not the other player can get the correct answer, doesn’t matter at all.

Each of the two players needs to be creative and realistic simultaneously. That is, the maker needs to be creative while making the works, however the works he makes should stick to reality in order to let the other player be able to get the correct answer.

Because there is no rules on what to make, I believe the process will be interesting and challenging.


Yue Yu