The Snowball FINAL

by | Jan 25, 2016 | Artwork #1: Score, Uncategorized

Go outside on a winter day.

Make a snowball that you can hold in one hand.

Go back inside with the snowball.

Name your snowball.


A) Try to save its life and keep the snowball from melting. 


B) Watch it melt and let it die.

Score (Artist Statement)


Choosing Option A)

I went outside and made a snowball. I affectionately named it Steve.


This a picture of Steve shortly after being created by me.

Option A is about trying to save your snowball’s dear, dear life. Unfortunately snowballs tend to have extremely short lives.  The good news is that modern medicine has evolved to the point where we can keep snowballs alive inside giant ice boxes (A.K.A my fridge).

Here is Steve in its new ice box. I think Steve is enjoying it there.

Choosing Option B)

I went outside and made a snowball. I affectionately named it Olaf.


Hey look! It’s Olaf the snowball.

Option B is all about watching your poor snowball die in front of you. It begs for help, but all you are allowed to do is what helplessly as its life slowly slips away.


Olaf in the ER. It’s so sad. I can’t watch!

Olaf has been slowly melting for the past few hours. Olaf is now essentially a puddle of water.


It was nice knowing you Olaf.