Artwork 1- Score:Final Iteration

by | Feb 1, 2016 | Artwork #1: Score

How to face the world/How to fly

Get a blank sheet of paper

And a wooden #2 pencil

Gently bite off the eraser end

Draw a self portrait without looking at your reflection

Fold the self portrait into a paper airplane

Throw it into the winds

Video below:

Artist Statement:

First off I just want to say, sorry guys that the video is shot vertically, I know it’s a video making sin, but that’s just how I had to do it.

I made a few edits overall to my score. I renamed the title because I wanted the score to mean more. I wanted to show that in a way, when you draw yourself and embrace who you are, without changing or erasing your own image, you get the strength to face the world. And after you do, you have the strength to fly, to be free of anything that can hold you back, like self-doubt, for example. I also changed the order of the wording a bit, do to it making more logical sense to me, to get paper first, then a pencil, then to bite the eraser off.

In the video I didn’t show the portrait because it wasn’t important to see it. The idea of drawing it is more important. Also biting off the eraser is harder than it seems, I had loosened it before filming for ease. Also the last shot is of me, outside throwing the plane, it’s a little hard to see in the dim light.

That’s about all there was to it. The actual demonstration of the score was fun, and in a way, a little bit liberating. After I threw the plane, I left it out in the middle of the street, which kinda made me feel like a piece of me was left there for the world to see. It was an interesting feeling.