Nourish- Final

by | Feb 1, 2016 | Artwork #1: Score

Pick up a pebble that reminds you of

your worst memory.

Leave it to rest on a window sill.

Mist the pebble  generously until you

create a puddle.

Pick up and throw pebble outside.

Let the  puddle dry up.


Artists Statement:

I am a self-described memory hoarder. I have a tendency  to dwell on the past and this was a way to  let go of the past.  The idea of a pebble came to me when thinking about memories that tend to stick with me. They are always the small ones, the small insignificant ones that tend to stick to a person.

Sometimes you have to give into  a memory and let it die, let it rot away.  Then and only then can you leave it all behind. This was the main concept behind this score.

The inspiration for this score came to me when I was gardening. I put a lot of care into the plants that surround me. The plants grow bigger as I put more thought into their care, but shrivel when I forget about them. I figured if it worked for plants on my window sill, why not the figments growing in my head.