Commissars, Fuhrers, and Presidents

by | Feb 17, 2016 | Artwork #2: Appropriate

Commissars, Fuhrers, and Presidents



Two Nerf guns
A deck of cards


  1. Four players sit around a table with a deck of cards and two guns
  2. Each player draws a card and does not show it to other players
    1. Diamonds = Russia
    2. Hearts = France
    3. Spades = Germany
    4. Clubs = America
  3. Each suit has its own win conditions
    1. Diamonds = Win if Germany and America are killed
    2. Hearts = Win if they’re the first to be killed or are the last to survive with Russia or America
    3. Spades = Win if all non-Germans are killed
    4. Clubs = Win if Germany and Russia are killed
  4. Players may at any point flip over their card to reveal who they are, but are not required to.
  5. If a player wants to kill another player, they must reveal their card before taking the gun.
    1. If a player reveals their card and goes for a gun, another player may go for the gun if they plan to shoot the revealed player, and may flip their card after shooting.
  6. A player may only shoot once before returning the gun to the table.
  7. If a player shoots an ally, they lose.


It’s the height of World War 2 and diplomats of Germany, France, Russia, and America have sat down to negotiate. Each diplomatĀ is planning on betraying their enemies, but don’t know who is representing who.