Assignment 4 – Pitch for “Limited”

by | Mar 28, 2016 | Artwork #4: Experience

Resources are for the most part limited, and as a species we are faced with a few issues concerning available resources and whether we will be able to switch to appropriate renewable resources before it is too late.

I want to design the game so the player nearly always ends up at the point of no return through their choices.

I currently have two methods of execution I am considering for the game.

The first is localized and involves the resources exploitation of an area until the other resources of the area are contaminated and the living populations are dead or forced to move.

The second involves our planet as a whole, and the choices of exploiting the resources of the planet as a whole. Do we use all the resources and spend them on items that will not help the survival of our species or do we put them to use in furthering ourselves as a species.

I will be programming the game using Unity3D and C#.
It will be from a 2D top down perspective in the first case and 2D side view for the 2nd case.