Textbased Game (Final)

by | Apr 27, 2016 | Artwork #4: Experience, Projects


Textbased Game (title still pending)

is a text based “adventure” game that takes place within a computer terminal that is stylised to be reminiscent of the terminals in Fallout.









During the game, the player will get to learn about the person that they’re communicating with and eventually learn about themselves. Ultimately the goal is to create an emotion experience in which the players learn about their characters and the world their character exists in.


Early prototype video



Programming and Visual Design: Anish Dhesikan

Writing and Visual Design: Grant Bickelhaupt


Artist Statement:

This game is my third digital game I’ve attempted and I went into it with fairly high hopes. What I got out of it was satisfying to say the least. Anish and I worked together on this game for this class so that we could use our time to work on a game that we’d like to take beyond a class. During the process we went through a series of prototypes, mostly dealing with the difficulty of elegantly building the game so that implementation of the writing and potential¬†background effects can take place. The initial narrative is something that I’m not overly thrilled with, but it was a solid attempt and is something I intend to be heavily rewriting in the near future.

I’ve been interested in writing a game for a long time and my fascination with Artificial Intelligence, as well as with the concept of ¬†the Singularity, have made me want to tackle the idea of an AI making its first steps to understanding humanity through the eyes of a machine. I think that in the modern context, with the rapidly developing “intelligence” of machines, it’s rapidly becoming a more and more relevant subject to explore.

Brenda Romero’s art played the largest role in inspiration for me. I wanted to create a game that, to people familiar with the topic, it’d be fairly recognisable to them, while to those not familiar with the subject, they might not realise it until the end. I was aiming to create a game where, like hers, the player will have to get to a major point in the game before they find out the truth behind their role. From then on, at least in the build I’m working on beyond the final one I showed in class, I want to continue the game past discovering the origins of your character and allow the player to decide how they interpret that information and how they want to let that affect their actions.


Download link – For mobile devices