Appropriation Piece Playtest

by | Oct 19, 2016 | Artwork #2: Appropriate

For four players

  • A picture is cut up into four pieces
  • One by one, players have 10 seconds to look at their given piece
  • However, they must look at their piece through a semitransparent blindfold
  • After the ten seconds are up, the player must then draw out a recreation of what they saw on a piece of paper
  • After all players have seen and drawn their piece, they must put together their pieces and attempt to figure out what the original image was. If their guess is correct, they win.


image19  image20image21

Play testers noted that the paper used to draw the recreation should be of the same size as the original piece. Also, there was initially a 1 minute time limit at the end of the game when players attempt to put together their pieces, but the deliberation lasted much longer than a minute. Therefore, the time limit was removed.