Final Project Idea- Ilayda Hanci

by | Nov 12, 2016 | Artwork #4: Experience, Projects

I am thinking to make a board game that lets to show what you know about the opposite sex. First, people divide into a guy’s team and a girls’ team. On each turn, a member of the other team asks the playing team the questions on the card. Players take turn on asking the questions. It is men vs. women in a challenge to answer 3 question categories.

Each team member has 45 seconds to answer the questions.

  1. Knowledge Cards: Gender-specific trivia that member of your sex should know

Example: What exotic flower is the source of vanilla pods? – for guy’s group

  1. Daily Life Cards: Questions about things that have actually happened in a player’s life

In this card, you have to read the question out loud to the other team, then secretly pick how you would answer. Then, place the card face down on the game board.

Example: The most important quality I look for when buying a car is:

  1. Performance
  2. Styling
  3. Cost of the car

3.   Move Cards: Both teams perform a gender-specific action.

Example: Changing a baby’s diaper, cutting wood

Each team mixes all the cards and pick one each turn to ask, and each team moves one space by knowing the answer right.  When they pick one card from the deck, they either encounter to a “our facts” card, “our moves” card or “our lives” card. If you arrive to the center first into the Equality Circle, you won the first prize for the first round. Later on, a new prize will be placed in the center. It is now the other team’s turn. The first team to capture all three prizes wins the battle.