Flying Fruit Juice

by | Sep 25, 2017 | Artwork #1: Score

Flying Fruit Juice Score


  1. Prepare four kinds of paper: One yellow menu of chick, one white blank draft paper, one white blank notebook paper and one 8.5*11 blank paper


  1. Prepare four fruits: casaba, Hami melon, purple and green grapes


  1. Put one paper on the floor and draw one circle on the center


  1. Knead, eat or throw fruits, stand straight and spill juice


  1. try to make juice fall on the shape of paper


I tried several combinations and show them in the pictures


Artist’s statement:
My idea was inspired by the opinion that game and art are originated from the life. More details are when I was eating grapes, I remembered the article “Grapefruit” by Yoko, one sentence in it left an indelible impression on me, which is imagine one thousand suns and make them bring us the sunshine. I can smell the soft flavor of nature when I read it. She recorded the impression of nature. Hence, I also want to use another way to leave the fruit in my impression by different views and ideas. Like my score, fruit juice not only means the delicious taste, but also can imply other things.

In fact, at the beginning, I want to make some more serious and technical scores, however, later I found the flexibility and special is the key idea of the score in the Fluxus. And Fluxus is not a moment in history and should be one way of doing things. The unity of art and life is the best choice for the score. In the lecture, the professor mentioned someone broken the glass and made the art. This make failure and broken things become the process of art and game.

Hence, I consider the process of enjoying fruits and use its juices can create something new. Because the process of eating is more important than eating result. Furthermore, the juice was regarded as the dye to draw the nature picture. The process of enjoying fruits can be regarded as the happening of this score.

What is more, because crashing the fruits and falling of juice will fall on the paper randomly. The randomness is another key idea of the score because I remembered in the outdoor course, every score wo chosen is random happening. This was the whole initial idea. Later, for adding more elements to the score, I thought this action can create one implicativeness, which mentioned in the “Fluxus and essential question of life” book – laboratory of ideas. Hence, I drawn one regular circle on the paper and I tried to spill the juice in the shape on the paper when I stand up. The implicit meaning of this shape is the rule in our life and juice means actions we made in the life. Although in life we always try to avoid breaking up rules, we have to do something wrong accidently and inevitably. For instance, in my one of assignments in my one computer course, I tried my best to read the description of assignment carefully and want to avoid for violating the rules and lose points. Unfortunately, at the end I still lose points because I misunderstand the meaning of instruction and did not add the name of our group members on the top of the assignment paper. I got 10 % points for penalty. By comparing this failure and my score, I can find it was same that I tried to avoid for violating the rule, however, the result was less than idea.

I tried four different papers and four kinds of fruits. The mixing of juice color is interesting. Indeed, in my previous try, I just used one fruit and one paper. However, after the course and professor’s suggestion, I understood the iterations can make my score more colorful and rich. Four papers can represent four different situations I met and with four rules corresponding to them, four fruits are four actions I did for facing these situations and tried to avoid for violating those rules. The flying juice score implies my life and show one special happening for me.

The whole process connected the life, game and art together. Because the exquisite corpse mentioned the different collaborations can be constructed a new thing. I tried it and enjoy the beautiful of it.