Life of a banana (Final Iteration)

by | Sep 26, 2017 | Artwork #1: Score


  1. Buy a banana and don’t peel it.
  2. Put it anywhere you want.
  3. Watch it getting ripe or rotting.
  4. Take a picture when there is a change happening on your banana.
  5. See if you can find something interesting from the banana’s yellow skin with dark spots.
  6. Ends its life by any way you want when it almost “dies”.

Art Statement:

This is a simple score that we simply play with a banana. The score might look a little bit weird, but it’s still cool and fun to follow the instructions.

This score is inspired by readings of happening art and Grapefruit. I think that “happening” means art is from life and things in life could be art. For my score, a banana is the most normal thing in daily life. You may ask how a banana can be the happening art. The randomness is an important part of happening, and the randomness in banana is the growth of the black spots while banana is rotting. Different banana may have different pattern of growing spots.  I really hate the spots on banana, because it looks ugly. However, if I am thinking in a different way, the spots on the yellow skin is drawn by the nature randomly, just like drawings of Jackson Pollock. I actually like Jackson Pollock’s drawing, because we can’t tell what the pattern is, but we can still can feel the beauty among random lines and colors. That’s why I add step five to try to catch the beauty or something interesting.

This is score is inspired by readings of Grapefruit as well. When I read the Grapefruit, I always have the question of why should I do that. Later, I realized that if I followed the instructions, other people would ask the question of why should he do that.  Hmmmm… Isn’t cool to be different from other people? People will be so curious when others do something weird and they may even imitate. That’s why I make my score a little bit weird for only looking at the banana. Another characteristic of scores in Grapefruit is that scores are really simple and clear.  That is also what I want to imitate. Moreover, I notice that some scores in Grapefruit are related to food, like she asks people to make a tuna sandwich. The sandwich might make me think about the banana, since the sandwich store sometimes also sells the banana.

When I started doing my score, I found that the growth of black spots on banana was really uncontrollable. I was even worried about if the banana would get any black spots. After about three days, the banana started growing some black spots, but still not obvious. One day after, the black spots grew rapidly, and I noticed that those black spots were some kind of small pits which really looked like the surface of the moon or some planets. Then I played with colors of the photos. I found that if I inverted the color setting, I could get a “night sky” which I would show you in the video. After few days, more spots grew and easily made me think about the leopard skin. Finally, on the day I decided to “kill” my banana by drawing a sad face on banana. I felt a little bit sorry for my banana, especially while I drawing on it.

Hope everyone will treasure their bananas!