by | Oct 13, 2017 | Artwork #2: Appropriate

Cards War

Four players:

My game combines elements of werewolf game and standard 52 card deck game.



  1. 2 decks of standard 52 cards
  2. Four roles card, which can be made by four small pieces of cardboard



Background: the werewolf and the vampire prepare to attack human city, and the hunter and knight decide to protect the city. Hence, there is one war between two camps.

Basic roles

There are two camps (evil and justice) represented by Black and Red. Four roles are Werewolf (the Club Card to represent – evil), Vampire (the Spade Card to represent- evil), Hunter (the Diamond Card to represent-justice), and Knight (the Heart Card to represent- justice). Every role has four lives initially. (if possible and have enough time, I will give different lives for different roles, or different skills and so on)

The Use of Cards

Four suits card and every suit has 13 cards. Ace, 2, 3 to 10, there are ten cards represent the numbers of soldiers. Three face cards J, Q and K represent generals who can lead some numbers of soldiers to attack. J can lead 2, Q is 3 and K is 4. When one camp player takes one card that its suit shows this card belongs to its opposite camp, this card can just be used for representing numbers of soldiers basing on value of this card. If this card suit shows it belongs to its camp, and this card is regarded as double numbers soldiers basing on value. If this card is face card and its suit fits the suit of player’s role, the player can use this card special skill on its camp.

Special Skill of Face Card:

  1. Red color card:

J: obtain three soldiers to use

Q: add one live for one player

K: resurrect one player live

  1. Black color card:

J: make one player cannot do anything when his turn

Q: obtain one general who can lead three soldiers

K: if attack success, can make opponent lose two lives


Start play:

Four players sit in a circle and there are two shuffle decks (104 cards) on the middle. Four players picked up four role cards randomly. All players can choose to expose their role and hide identities. Game start from one player and take turns clockwise. When it is one player’s turn, the player can pick up two cards from the deck and have two choices: first one is sending troop to attack one of other three players and soldiers must be led by generals. Second choice is using their special kill card once if they have valid special skill card. Player can choose to do both. When he chooses to attack one player, that player who is attacked can choose to lose one live or send troop to defend. Now, attacker and defender should show their sending soldiers and generals at the same time. Attack is successful when attacker send more soldiers than defender, others means fails. When attack succeed, defender will lose one live or two lives due to special skill card. All cards that be used will go to one place and after all cards in deck are used, these used cards will be shuffled and start to be picked up again if the game is not over.


Game Over:
When one camp players kill all opposite camp players and survive, the game is over and winner should be survivors.