Game Appropriation 1st Prototype

by | Oct 21, 2017 | Artwork #2: Appropriate


My first game is based on Battleship / Rush Hour / Tic Tac Toe, and it is a 1v1 game where you have to move blocks on a grid sized area to match 6 of the same symbols either horizontally or vertically (each move counts as 1 move). The amount of moves one player can make are determined by the total values of the playing cards drawn by the player (21 max like Blackjack). The player essentially players Blackjack to try to get as close to 21 as possible, so they can perform more moves. When a player gets blackjack (21), they can not only move their blocks 21 times, but move the opponent’s blocks 21 times too, to disrupt their arrangement. The goal of the game is to get 6 matching symbols first before the other player does.



However, based on feedback from classmates and my professor, the game wasn’t really an appropriation but more like a new game with new mechanics. It wasn’t really taking something existing and transforming it into something new. This was because I created a new playing board out of cardboard box, new playing parts out of paper, and a deck of playing cards which didn’t have much relationship to the overall gameplay at all. It was at that point that I decided to create a new game with a fresh new idea.