Indie Show & Tell: Little Inferno

by | Nov 7, 2017 | Show & Tell

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Short Description:

Little Inferno is a puzzle video game developed by the indie developer Tomorrow Corporation in 2012, and it can be played on multiple different platforms, including Wii, PC, mobile, and Switch. In the game, the player assumes the role of a kid who is able to order and burn items endlessly by using their Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace by Tomorrow Corporation (essentially a game within a game). Different items react differently as they are burned, and the player can unlock combos by burning specific items at the same time. There is no scoring system or time limit at all. The player also receives letters along with packages occasionally, which is how the player learns about the freezing world outside. However, the player is also encouraged to burn every letter as soon as they finish reading. There is essentially a loop of ordering and burning items as the player unlocks new catalogs and explores more burnable items in the game.

***Spoiler Alert***

Despite the simple mechanic, Little Inferno has a powerful narrative and ending, which is the reason I chose it. As the player unlocks new items, they would get new letters that advance the narrative. At the end of the game, the player is eventually able to escape the endless loop and explore the world outside, which turns the whole game from a puzzle game to an adventure game. The message of the game is about not burning away time meaninglessly in your life, and I think the developers did a great job conveying it.