Final Project Idea

by | Nov 22, 2017 | Artwork #4: Experience

For the final project, I’m thinking of making a card game about the relationship between romance and work, and how does one choose between them.

One thing I learned in this class is that games are not necessarily about winning; it’s about the experiences. A game that can’t be won can speak just as much as other games if not more, such as September 12th, Madrid, and The Graveyard. Therefore, I want to make the gameplay process more important than win or lose in my game. Other inspirations come from but are not limited to Shooting the Moon and the prisoner’s dilemma, for the player can choose to either cooperate or compete with the other player, but it’s hard to know what goal the other player has in mind.

This game is turn-based two-player game that uses a d6 dice occasionally. There will be two stacks of event cards, one for Love Life and one for Career. Each player will also have two bars, one for Career Status and one for Emotional Status. Career events affect the Career Status of the player who plays them, and Love Life events affect the Emotional Status of the other player. Each player will randomly get 3 Love Cards and 3 Career Cards in the beginning, and they will automatically draw from the pile after each round so that they would always have 3 Career Cards and 3 Love Cards. Each player plays one event card per round. There are multiple ways to win the game, the basic ones including reaching 100 Career Points, getting the other player to reach 100 Romance Points, or both players reaching more than 90 but less than 100 Romance Points and more than 90 but less than 100 Career Points.