Appropriation Show and Tell

by | Oct 15, 2018 | Uncategorized

My example of appropriation is the following 40ish second video/sound clip originally titled “I like the it”, the addition of “you want eat food in america having been made when it was uploaded to YouTube.¬† It is considered inspired by/related to “wurds”, a series of image macros containing intentional typographical errors¬†meant to be read phonetically as if they were spoken with an exaggerated speech impediment. The soundclip does this with the names and “catch phrases” of 9 different popular american fast food franchises, effectively playing on popular knowledge of many established entities. Such a stark subversion of every-day set pieces results in a surprising amount of hilarity. This is why I chose this example; it presents an exceptional example of the power of the “remix” or even just a different perspective can have on one’s perception of even the smallest amounts of the world.