Pacifist Apex Games (Intervention Project)

by | Dec 7, 2019 | Artwork #3: Intervene, Projects

The goal was to take a highly competitive first person shooter battle royal game and see if I could make peace with the enemy. 

Game: Apex Legends

In apex Legends, you can only hop into matches in groups of three. I took two of my friends together to hop into matches and tried to find groups to make peace and would hopefully let us live or spare us. We had a few encounters that led to probably seconds of peace but then me and my group were terminated.  We kept trying and trying and getting interesting interactions. I noticed many players had a tendency to panic when they encountered my group although I was trying to get their attention by using non lethal methods. I was able to use a specific character named Pathfinder who has a special ability to deploy a zipline anywhere on the map.  I spotted another squad so I took the zipline and launched it at them to get their attention. Once they spotted me they started shooting at me however they all stopped when they spotted my character spamming the crouch button over and over. Crouch spamming is the only way I could think to show signs that I was trying to be friendly. The video below shows the brave attempt from Graham, Jake, and myself.  It went about as chaotic as you would expect.

The Inspiration for the Intervention project came from two places when I played the Halloween event in which the game starts as a free for all but as players get eliminated they get turned into “Shadows.” the final 10 players must work together to escape the map vs the 20 or so Shadows that are out to kill the players.  During the initial phase of the game i encountered someone trying to not kill me by crouch spamming and showing signs that they did not want to fight me but survive together all the way through.  We ended up working together to get far in that match.  I’ve tried doing their method later on in the Halloween event and had one successful encounter. I figured why not try it in Apex’s main game mode of 3 squads BR.