Artwork #3 Intervene: Spotify Experiment

by | Nov 12, 2021 | Artwork #3: Intervene

This project idea originated after the Guest Lecture that Professor Derek Curry and Professor Jennifer Gradecki presented in class. As well as the documentary viewing of The Institute. When I watched the Institue, what spoke to me most was the way people stopped by a poster and started a game based on just texting or calling a random number. This is when I thought of a paper poster format for this project. I also thought of the Twitter game that both of the Professors spoke about and how they used people’s real-life interaction and put it into a game. I then realized I wanted to play around with everyone’s music interest and decided to put up posters of a Spotify playlist all around my dorm building, with the playlist labelled Make your Own Playlist and no prompt whatsoever.

Sadly, my first iteration of this project was not so successful. I quickly learned that we need permission to put up posters around different buildings. For my next iteration, I decided not to go the paper route at all. I decided to put up an Instagram story with the link to the Spotify playlist and the result was 16 users added songs. There were 362 total songs added to the playlist. It was an assortment of every kind of song, a hodgepodge of songs if you will. This was the most enjoyable project so far! I loved seeing the different types of music taste everyone had and the variety of songs I ended up with. Here is the link to the Spotify playlist: