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by | Sep 27, 2022 | Artwork #1: Score

This is a score inspired by character generator and ‘Grapefruit’ by Ono Yoko.

There are several character generator online that you can use to generate the character. All you need to do just put in the basic information of the character, such as name, gender, and social class. Then, the system will give you the character with their detailed background. It likes the system gives you the story that you did not know before. Some authors and game designers use character generator to create the character when they lack the inspiration.

Moreover, in ‘Grapefruit’ by Ono Yoko, the author indicates the method of ‘omnibus film’, and the process is:

  1. Give a print of the same film to many directors.
  2. Ask each one to re-edit the print without leaving out any of the material in such a way that it will be unnoticed that the print was re-edited.
  3. Show all the versions together omnibus style.

Which means, the participants are going to ‘edit’ the story randomly, and see what they got at the end. Therefore, the idea of letting the participants to make the story without letting each other knows in the process came to me.

This score is called Story Generator.


  1. A dice
  2. need 6 people in a group
  3. Set the basic information of story by pulling cards: character’s pronounce, characteristic, favorite food, something hate; the journey day’s weather, the most important people to the character. (each person pulls one card)



Each side of the dice represents its corresponding requirement.

Each player roll the dice once at the whole play round. If you get repeated number as the previous player, you roll it again.

After rolling the dice, each player should some short sentences for their own requirement. The players are not allowed to discuss the story line until everyone finished their paragraph.



If you got 1- Please write down the destination that the character wants to reach and the reason to go to this destination.

It could be a castle, a dream island, or even their friend’s house…wherever you want it to be.

If you got 2-Please write down 2-3 difficulties that the character encountered during the journey and describe it.

It does not matter whether the character has overcome it or not, it’s up to you.

If you got 3-Please write down 1-2 tools that you think could help the character to overcome the difficulties. (you don’t know what the difficulties are) It could be also be a weapon. Whatever you want.

If you got 4-Please write down a lucky thing that the character encounters during the journey.

If you got 5-Please write down a very interesting thing that the character encounters during the journey. Just use your imagination.

If you got 6-You are the one to who decides the end of the story. Whether the character reaches the destination or not? If yes, what does the character see at the end? If not, why?

After finish writing, let’s do discussion:

  • Each player read the paragraph and try to connect each them together.
  • See what happened in the story.
  • Is it a sad story or happy story?

*It’s very fun to make non-sense story!

We did the score in class, and there were 6 participants joined. Let’s see what story we got:

Once upon a time, there is a person named ‘the character’, which prounce as ‘he/him’. His is a optimistic person, and his favortie food is sushi. The most important person to him in his life is his good friends, and he hates monsters. One day, that was a cloudy day, he decided to go to the Mountain of tiredness. But there is the tiredness debuff at the mountain, which is need to sleep 15 hours a day. He brount an umbrella and chainsaw with him for the journey. However, he met many difficulties during the journey. He was chased by rabbid dogs, and he got lost on the way to the moutain. Also, he slipped on a wet path and injured his leg. Fortunately, he wasn’t seriously hurt, and he discovered an uneaten cake ready to eat. Delicious! After that, when he was approaching the mountain, Lady Gaga was there and performed for him, and she also signed an autograph for him. How nice she is! Finally, he reaches the Mountain of tiredness and found a freshly-baked pie to eat. He could finally get a good night’ sleep.





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