by | Oct 25, 2022 | Artwork #2: Appropriate

Game Requirements: A device with the ability to reverse audio

Game Rules: There are two characters in the game, one is going to be the Speaker and the other is going to be the Listener.

  1. The Speaker is going to record one clip of their words. In this case, the Listener can’t hear them talking. (put on a headphone)
  2. The Speaker needs to Reverse the clip and show it to the Listener.
  3. The Listener is going to imitate what they heard and record it.
  4. The Listener is going to Reverse their clip again and guess what the Speaker said.

Artist’s Statement:

I was influenced by many later Dada artworks on my Appropriate. As the main point of Dadaism, we need to use existing things as prototypes and make a re-creation on the basis of it. According to some modern works, such as Open Source, by Super Soul, 2012, they chose to use technology as creative conditions to make people get more interesting feedback on this activity. Or Mary Flanagan, Giant Joystick, they have a very shocking understanding of the Appropriate in the Digital Age. I was deeply influenced by the use of technology on existing technologies, and the influence of Open Source on me, so I wanted to create my project focused on sound.

For the recreation of sound, TENET has given me great inspiration. Because when the main character enters the counter-world in TENET, everything around him will operate in the opposite direction, including sound. When the voice is reversed, people cannot understand its meaning. So I want to create games by playing the sound upside down. Like Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, players convey information and give feedback to teammates through language. If we create a “meaning” for the reversed voice, will there be a chance for people to understand the reversed voice? So I was thinking that if people were asked to imitate the reversed voice and then reverse it to guess how the original sound was, it would also add difficulty to the game. Because people need to speak according to the reversed voice, which means they need to talk to people in the counter-world, making the game interesting. Players can also increase the fun of the game by increasing penalties for not correctly guessing the original sound and exchanging characters.