Take Your F**king Meds

by | Oct 25, 2022 | Artwork #2: Appropriate, Projects

the original inspiration for this was a day when I was feeling kind of awful and when I sat down to try and figure out why I realized it was I had missed my meds not only that morning but also for the past two days! I got so angry that I picked up one of my pill bottles and threw it at the wall it bounced and rattled and hit my bed, It was an utterly unhelpful action. but throwing the bottle was rather satisfying. This may have been similar to the feeling the New York dada mush have had in their obsession with capturing motion. the soundness of the New York dada feels so satisfying because there are objects that are not art but by their combination and designation, they become art that is supposed to be played with. The kinetic sculptures are so interesting to me because if nobody touches them then it is not kinetic anymore. whether I was the sound or watching the bottle bounce I dont know but it made sense. It was very kinetically satisfying how the pill bottle bounced. In the spirit of experimentation, I threw it again, less satisfying due to the fact that the cap popped off and my medication went all over my bed (not my finest moment) however that did give me the idea to launch the cap at the bottle like a slingshot. this was not successful. On a table perhaps?  it was like bowling. in all this time I still hadn’t taken my meds. so I paused, took my various medications, and tried to figure out how to gamify this.

the rules are simple;

take your medications every day, on time until none remain in the bottle.

at your leisure separate the cap from the bottle and set the bottle up at the end of the table

place the cap in the launcher and attempt to knock over your empty pill bottle (preferably into a recycling bin).