Abandon Ship

by | Nov 8, 2022 | Artwork #3: Intervene, Projects

My intervention was inspired by the interventions of The Yes Men and culture-jamming actions like the Barbie Liberation Organization. The plan was simple I would ask the professor to leave the classroom so that it was just me presenting to the class. I would loop all of them into skipping the next class as an intervention into the class period. Everyone on board of course who wants to go to class? We’re all tired college students who need a break. everyone would take a picture of what they were doing instead and everyone has verification that they participated in a project and didn’t just skip. the day of the class would roll around leaving Celia bewildered as to where everyone was, except me who would attend the class as normal because this is not an intervention commenting on how overworked college students are or how tired everyone is but a commentary on how willing students to just skip a class. a thing you pay for, your education.

but unfortunately, this intervention was a larger concept than what was actually implemented. there were no good days to skip until after the project was due other than the presentation day which felt too mean and took the unawareness element too far. So instead during my pitch I had the entire class just stand up and sneak away (unsuccessfully) for 5 minutes while Celia was out of the classroom. it was less impactful than what i was originally going for but i still got some fun pictures of everyone dipping out of class early.