Candid Campus Surveys

by | Nov 8, 2022 | Artwork #3: Intervene

When I began thinking about intervention projects, I was inspired by the presentation on the CSIA game and how the booth was interpreted differently based on the context it appeared in. I was also inspired by Yoko Ono’s Painting to Hammer a Nail where the viewers directly got to collaborate with the art and contribute to it. As such, I wanted to create something that people could interact with but also add to as they wished. This led me to go for a survey format where all the elements are written in expo or pencil, enforcing no rigid structure and inviting collaboration. I made a survey about a common argument I have with my friends (What’s the best Taqueria on Campus?) but moved it out of the food context and into the classroom context. This changes the atmosphere of the classroom and ties into students’ urge to get distracted and do something unrelated during class. I even put the surveys in the back of the classrooms when possible! I was curious to see how students would interact with the survey while they had time to answer and doodle if they felt especially distracted during class.

This first one was in the back of a classroom in Hayden Hall. As you can see, students began to add their own options that weren’t even on campus. There was one slight doodle but far fewer than I expected.

What I wrote  What I found a couple hours laterWhat I found at the end of the day

This next batch was in a classroom in Kariotis hall. This board didn’t have much engagement and was removed by the end of the day.

This final one was hung as a poster in West Village H. Unfortunately, it was removed before I could capture any results. This is still technically an interaction with the intervention piece, just not the one I was hoping for!