Reality TV: The Game

by | Jun 29, 2023 | Artwork #3: Intervene

Reality TV Intervention

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The existing process I chose to intervene in was everyday life. Similar to the Pac-Man game we saw in the presentation given by the game professors. The Pac-Man game in Manhattan interrupted the lives of the players and the people outside of the Magic Circle¬†who were just roaming the streets on the way to whatever they needed to do. I was inspired by the idea of creating a game in a place that was common to those who played it as well as the players. In Reality TV: The Game, I wanted to create a score that would allow one to intervene in their own lives by filming parts of their day and offering commentary on it. Something that is abnormal in everyday life but normal for those who are on reality tv shows. Having a game where one’s objective is to interrupt their day by filming whatever they are doing and then offering commentary about it in post, would stir some feelings of anxiety in the sense that most people think that what they do on a day-to-day basis is uninteresting. This is precisely why I chose to playtest my game on the most mundane day of the year: the day after my birthday. It was difficult even making myself interested in the things that I was doing throughout the day but my perseverance highlighted my purpose for this game. In the age of social media and reality shows where people are doing extraordinary things, I’d like to present the idea that anyone’s life is worth being documented. It is only until we get older that we appreciate videos of our younger selves. I am giving each player permission to romanticize their life. Something I think many dada artists did with their work.






-Film 3 separate videos: at the start of your day, after you eat something, and sometime before you go to bed.

-Each video could incorporate you doing some activity for at least 1 minute. A phone call. Brushing your teeth. Drawing. Studying. Whateva

-For each video you created, create 3 more short videos for at least 15 seconds explaining what it is that you are doing. A confessional if you’re familiar with the term.

-Once you have all of your clips, use any video editing software to piece them together. My personal format was. intro-1st clip -1st confessional- 2nd clip- 2nd confessional-3rd clip -3rd confessional-outro-also i used Inshot the phone app to edit

-Add some sound effects and background music.

-And BAM. You got yourself a pilot for a reality show.