Podcast Score Final_Kevin Cannon

by | Feb 3, 2015 | Artwork #1: Score, Class Activities

Score Finalized_Kevin Cannon

Artist Statement

I don’t quite recall my exact though process that lead my to make this score the way it is. I can say that at the time of conception I had just started listening to the SleepyCabin Podcast and found it very entertaining. Something else I find entertaining, making people feel uncomfortable. So my initial though was to have people listen to this podcast, and let them feel uncomfortable for my amusement.

What I’m most proud of from this score however, is the line “If you in anyway disliked it, complain to friends, family, or strangers about which aspects were the most intolerable.” Call me cynical, but I am of the opinion that people naturally want to complain about things to distract themselves from the normally humdrum lives. I also find it very amusing when people complain incessantly about something they have no control over to people who don’t care, as long as they are not complain towards me. So I though that by adding this line I would beadle to predict what the people who didn’t like the podcast were going to do, hopefully catching them off guard, or embarrassing them (I am not a very good person).

When it came time to revise my score, the most consistent comments were that it is too controlling, and the participant should be allowed a little leeway on how certain things get done, and that it isn’t very presentable, in that you don’t really do anything until the end. So I took out some of the more micro-managy (which is a word I just created) instructions, and added a few more visual components to the scores enactment.