indiecade game showcase; Mountain

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“you are mountain, you are god.”

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Mountain is a game showcased on the indiecade 2014,

in the game “mountain”, the player will play as the role of a mountain.

the player is allowed to drag the mouse on the mountain in order to rotate it

the player can spam the keyboard in order to generate piano note sound

those are the only control the player have for the entire game

the player will be able to see the mountain go through the four seasons and all sorts of weather condition, such as; snow, wind, blizzard, and occasionally frog-rain ( rain of frog)

the player will see something new every time growing or dropping on to the mountain once in a while

personally, for me, by staring at the slowly rotating mountain, i can see the entire universe in front of me, it clears my mind, shows me the truth, and points me the path.

the mountain told me to become a actor in the future, I will obey

mountain  is available on steam for 1 dollar.

there’s not much to do with 1 dollar, but it might just change one’s life.