Zongyuan Yue

intervention; a taste of the future

for my intervention project, i want to do something for our future,


marker pen

large paper sign

multiple items that can be functions as a container ;etc hat, cup, shoe



write with marker pen on several paper; “in case everything goes down”

put the sign near each major academic building. ext, school of business, school of art, school of computor science, within the NEU campus

put a item that is relative to the building’s teaching object under the sign. example; next to school of computor science, put a broken monitor underneath the sign

put some spare change and coin in each of the container.



igf game showcase; a sailor’s song

a sailor’s song is a game by simogo, the same company that made the interactive novel “device 6” and the thrilling puzzle adventure game “year walk”. a sailors song is very much like a product between those two, somewhere between a interactive novel and a puzzle game. is a game about exploring the different island, gathering different stories and listening to its relaxed and refreshing music.

unlike device 6, which is a interactive novel, a sailor’s song contains much less words and readings, but having more visual elements and animations like “year walk”. which is a reason why it got honorable mention for best visual on igf.

a sailor’s song is a very arty game, the mechanic being scrolling around with your finger to travel through locations and clicking for most interactions. rather than playing a game, i find playing a sailor’s song more as a kind of experience, and it has given me some pleasant times to spent with.

final appropriation

title; Not Ping Pong


ping pong table with net

two players



regular ping pong rule applies.

game of three, players that win 2 game wins

at start of first game, players will both take out the most expensive belongings that he or she is carrying at the moment, use that item as bat for the current game. when the current game ended, both player will discard those items.

at the start of the second game, both player will take out the second most expensive belongings that he or she is carrying at the moment, use that item as bat for the second game.when the current game ended, both player will discard those items.

at the beginning of the third game, both player will take out the third most expensive belongings that he or she is carrying at the moment, use that item as bat for the third game.when the current game ended, both player will discard those items. a winner is therefore announced. both players may withdraw all their belongings.


idea and concept;

unlike regular ping pong, not ping pong is a competition game of both skills and pride. there are 2 games going on when playing not ping pong, the first game is the competition of ping-pongsmenship, the second game is the competition of the wealth. the second game begans when the moment that both player see the other player’s choice of alternate bat occurs.

by using items as bat, the function of that item has changed completely, and therefore creating a brand new function. now the question are 3,(there are 3 questions)


1. do expensive items gives the player an upper edge in the game of not ping pong?

2. will the player be willing to put the their most expensive items at risk?

3. how do player define expensive?

below are 3 scenarios that corresponds with the question;

scenario 1.

player 1 takes out a 800 dollar worth of i phone 6 ,

player 2 takes out a 30 dollar worth of shoe.

scenario 2.

player 1 takes out a fragile laptop computor,

player 2 takes out a fancy purse that can easily get dirty,

scenario 3.

player 1 takes out a Porsche car key,

player 2 takes out a photo of him and his family,


in any of the scenarios, audience and the player will experience fun and joy and envy and doubt and jealousy and hatred and realization, just like in real life.


indiecade game showcase; Mountain

“you are mountain, you are god.”

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Mountain is a game showcased on the indiecade 2014,

in the game “mountain”, the player will play as the role of a mountain.

the player is allowed to drag the mouse on the mountain in order to rotate it

the player can spam the keyboard in order to generate piano note sound

those are the only control the player have for the entire game

the player will be able to see the mountain go through the four seasons and all sorts of weather condition, such as; snow, wind, blizzard, and occasionally frog-rain ( rain of frog)

the player will see something new every time growing or dropping on to the mountain once in a while

personally, for me, by staring at the slowly rotating mountain, i can see the entire universe in front of me, it clears my mind, shows me the truth, and points me the path.

the mountain told me to become a actor in the future, I will obey

mountain  is available on steam for 1 dollar.

there’s not much to do with 1 dollar, but it might just change one’s life.

Snow Man

Wear a white shirt over the regular clothes,

go outside, stands next to the doorstep,

remain still,

until someone smile to you.

this should be done on a snowing day.

slip away

sit on a sit-able object

slowly slip bottom forward, away from the seat

stop when bottom is completely detached from the seat

maintain position till the end of time

return to normal sitting position IMMEDIATELY after having eye contact