by | Feb 24, 2015 | Artwork #2: Appropriate, Projects

My game is an appropriation of comic book/manga panels. A group of players takes turns putting down out of context panels to create a new story.

Rules (for 3-5 players):

  • Each player begins the game with 7 panel cards. Another panel is chosen from the deck as the starting panel, and from there, any player who thinks they have the right panels to pick up the story may start the game.
  • On each turn, a player may play up to 2 panels, assuming they can link both of the panels to the story.
  • The first player to run out of cards is the winner.
  • If players wish to make the story longer, they can start the game with more cards in their hand, or they can play until there are no cards left in the game, removing the possibility of a winner.

My inspiration for this game was a game I played a few weeks ago, called Story Wars. I liked the ability of the players to take the game mechanics in their own direction. I wanted to make a game with that element to it, but with a more of a focus on story (despite what its name implies, Story Wars incorporates little story). From there, I thought it would be interesting to appropriate moments from a several different stories to create something new. And thus, this game was born. I originally had more mechanics and rules to this game, but during the in-class playtests, we found that they simply were not necessary. Additionally, I initially had the manga panels resized and pasted onto index cards, but after those were ruined, it turned out that the mismatched sizes of the panels actually fit the manga aesthetic.