Final Appropriation With Rules And Documentation

by | Feb 25, 2015 | Artwork #2: Appropriate, Class Activities

Kevin_Running With Scissors Appropriation

Running With Scissors (Appropriation)

Eight participants are needed, and two people with stop watches.

Find two pairs of scissors, preferably of similar or equal ability.

Procure four different samples of materials that can be cut with said scissors (paper, tin foil, plastic, etc.).

Cut each material into equal halves so that you have eight total, with two of each material.

Find one reasonably long hallway.

Get enough tape, tacks, or other fixatives which can be used to hold all of the materials to the wall.

Along one wall, set up one of each material so that they are all equidistant away from each other and one end of the hallway. For example, in a 40 foot long hallway, place the first material 10 feet from the entrance of the hallway, the second material 10 feet from the first material, then third material 10 feet away from the second material, and the forth material 10 feet away from the third material (This should be the other end of the hallway). Try to set them in order from weakest to strongest materials.

With the other four material, set them up on the opposite wall, parallel to the materials that have just been placed.


Split up into two teams of four.

Have one timer assigned to each team.

Have each team choose which of the walls in the hallway they want to use – left or right.

Each team gets a pair of scissors, distribute the scissors however you see fit.

Have each team assemble into a line respectively with both teams at the end of the hallway that does not have a material by it. Give the person at the beginning of each line that teams pair of scissors.

The game starts when the people with stop watches agree and say “Go.” They will both being their stopwatches simultaneously, and the people with the scissors must begin from the starting point at the entrance of the hallway where their teams are, and go to the first objects that have been attached to the wall their team has been assigned to. Once at the material, each must cut off a piece from their respective material. With the scissors and the cut piece of material in hand, go back to your team and hand both to the teammate is next in line in a relay fashion. Try to do all of this as quickly as possible as the points are time based.

The rule of thumb is that the piece cut off should be as bigger than your thumb.

The next teammates must then go to the second pieces that have been hung on the wall, and each cut off a piece. They must return to their team and deliver the scissors and both of the materials to the next people in line.

The third people in line must get a cutting from the third materials hanging from the walls, and must give the last person in line the three cut materials and the scissors.

This final teammates must go to the farthest materials (at the end of the hall), each cut off a piece and return to the starting area. Once they have reached the starting area, the timer for their team stops their stopwatch.

When both teams have collected all four materials and returned to the starting area, the game is finished.

Size matter

At the end of the round, each team must compare the size of their cut pieces to the other team’s pieces of the same material (ex. Paper to paper, foil to foil). A team will have one second removed from their time for each material they have that is bigger than the opposing team’s material.

You are scored based on your time, with the lowest time winning.

Extra Things to Think About

Scissors can only be used to cut the materials on your team’s wall. You are not allowed to interfere in the other team’s progress, or cut anything other than the determined materials. Especially do not cut the other players or yourself.

If a material on your wall falls down during play time it must be put back up on the wall before your team is allowed to finish the game.

You are not allowed to move unless you are holding the scissors.

The final member of a team must be holding all four cut materials and the scissors when they reach the starting area for their team to finish the game.

Players can be added or subtracted based on the amount of materials available.

Stay safe, and work quickly.