Invisible, Inc.

by | Mar 3, 2015 | Show & Tell

Invisible, Inc is a strategy stealth game designed by Klei Entertainment. The Player chooses two squad members with different abilities to take on different missions for a spy agency. The objective of each mission is to begin and end a level while attaining as much intelligence from the level as possible. Levels are room-based and a player must move into a room before being able to see what is inside. The player’s turn consists of actions like moving, attacking, hacking, etc. The player must use stealth to avoid guards and set traps or distractions to get them to move from areas that they are patrolling. Guards that are knocked out must be hidden to avoid detection by other guards.

As the levels progress, the Alarm level increases with each turn. As the Alarm level increases, the guards become more difficult to deal with. Any loud actions like gunshots or other fighting will increase the alarm levels faster.

The whole game takes place over the span of 72 hours. The player must complete missions to gain weapons and other items, but must factor in travel time to each mission and how long they spend in each mission.

The game is fun to play. Action ramps up fairly and the overall theme is pretty cool. The only real complaint I had came from the camera controls. At times they felt wonky and prevented the best view, but that problem wasn’t too horrible to deal with. Picking different strategies is also a lot of fun. I spent a lot of time trying to decide whether or not I wanted to keep my agents together or divide them so that I could cover more area.